Are you Interested at Choice Programs at TMS?

Choice Programs at TMS
Posted on 03/02/2018

At Tradewinds Middle School we have the Choice Program. We have the Pre-Teacher Education Academy, and that classroom is outfitted as though is a day care. Along with taking care of the needs of toddlers, the students are also trained on how to take care of babies. Making sure students know how to entertain children, is just part of the program.

Another TMS Choice program is the Pre-Culinary Academy. Everyone should know how to cook, and our students certainly know their way around the kitchen. Our students make cookies every year for our upcoming 6th grade students. Our kitchens have restaurant size equipment. As well as the family size appliances you are accustomed to in your home. "You too can be a top chef".

Every year, we have a Choice Open House at Tradewinds. In addition, our Pre-Culinary and Pre-Teacher instructors are always at the South Florida Fairground for the Choice Showcase. We hope to see you at the next Showcase.