Dress Code / Supply List

All you need to know for SY2019-2020
Posted on 03/02/2018

School Dress Code

>>> Shirts <<<

Polo style collared shirt
Buttoned collared shirt (buttoned)
Small logo allowed
TMS T-Shirts allowed

Not Permitted
Midriff revealing

>>> Pants, Capris, Shorts, Skorts <<<
Docker style pants or jeans
Pants MUST be worn at the waist
Shorts, skorts or skirts MUST be longer than an arm’s length to the knee

Not Permitted
Rips, holes, patches, decorations exposing skin
Athletic style shorts
Sweat pants, low rise pants,
pajama bottoms, leggings, tights
Joggers made out of sweat pant
material (fleece); no pockets or belt loops

 >>> Shoes <<<
Closed toe and heel
Sneakers/athletic shoes preferred

Not Permitted
Sandals, slippers, flip flops, slides
High-Heeled Shoes (safety)

>>> Jackets, Sweaters <<<
Zippered sweatshirt/hoodie or sweater only

Collared shirt must be worn underneath and collar exposed and visible

Not Permitted
Pullover sweatshirts are prohibited
Inappropriate pictures, words or
slogans are prohibited

>>> General <<<
IDs must be worn and visible at all times on a lanyard or clipped to the student’s waist

Not Permitted
Hats, caps, bandanas, headbands with animal ears/extreme decorations

Exposed Undergarments
No offensive language or symbols

*Additional items are prohibited as per the SDPBC Student Family Handbook

Basic School Supplies
(Individual Teachers will provide a more extensive list)
Pencils (#2)– 2 packs to start or mechanical pencils
Pens (blue or black ball point)
Highlighters (Assorted)
Loose leaf notebook paper (a supply of)

School Hours:
Door Opens at: 9:00 am (AM Care begins at 8:00 AM)
Breakfast starts at 9:00 AM in the cafeteria

Classes Start at: 9:30 am
Last Class Ends at: 4:05 pm (After Care begins at 4:05 to 5:30)
Picking up your child early on a regular day? Please do so by 3:35 PM.

See you at TMS!

Download document here:
Dress Code / Supply List / Schedule Pick up Day